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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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q.a. divided the opposition pledges a boycott of the parliamentary vote by mass protests from a decree limiting voters' rights. over one hundred thousand protesters rally in egypt angry at a hastily pushed through draft constitution which many see as discriminatory. and israel's rush to approve thousands of new settler homes is seen as a step back that peace talks a day after the palestinians are given nonmember observer status at the u.n. . watching r.t. live from moscow now the opposition in kuwait is to boycott today's vote on
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a new parliament already the second this year it comes at a time of ongoing political unrest in the oil rich gulf state with anti-government protest announcing a royal decree limiting voters' power as the opposition says the new rule discriminates against them and see it as corruption by the ruling monaco lucy caffein of reports now from kuwait found certain is one way to describe the mood here in way today as the highly controversial parliamentary elections take off now the opposition has refused to back down from a boycott of the voting in protest of what it sees as a hotel or a tarion there's that opposition activists say that this is an attempt to produce a more compliant parliament that will allow the government to pass laws without appropriate oversight from the legislature thousands of these have taken to the streets in a largely peaceful protest or to express their frustration with what they see. i heard a lot there's also concerns about
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a potential clampdown on dissent as many activists who have spoken out both against the emir and the political situation here have been jailed now we got it. chance to speak to some of the protesters and here's a look at what they have to say i have. a problem is that the government doesn't need neither the constitution nor democracy and they always start to talk about dialogue whenever they need a temporary alternative but in practice they are defying democracy the main problem is that since one thousand nine hundred seventy six the development of kuwait has stopped because the government started thinking of how to change the constitution and get rid of it the growth of the country has stopped and the government is unable to change the constitution or to continue with the development process as a result the situation has got to where it is now that spoke the opposition hope that they would like should result in a lower voter turnout which could in their view radically undermine the actual outcome of the elections and potentially nice and the dissolution of the most
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recent parliament we also spoke to opposition activists to say that they are going to be stationing their own observers at each of the polling stations in order to do an independent count of the voter turnout the which country has seen by and street battles between opposition groups and security forces which have used steer a gas stun grenades as well as rubber bullets in order to disperse the previous gatherings that western countries are of course. as well as the unrest here in kuwait of course as an opec member any sort of unrest on the streets is bound to have some sort of impact on oil prices as well as the pentagon's plans to use the world which nation as a hub for its get ground forces in order to build up a countering force to the perceived threat by iran the first wave is home to three u.s. military bases one that's being nice and. all of them in withdrawal from afghanistan as well as all of this. is the captain of our team to
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a. meanwhile protesters are rallying in egypt against what they call an oppressive regime vying to stop a new constitution seen as undermining democratic freedoms the draft was hastily approved by an islamist dominated assembly on friday which added fuel to the political crisis sparked last week when president morsi issued sweeping new powers journalist bell true explains why protesters are opposing the draft so strongly. basically is that first of all it's drafted by islamist dominated assembly and doesn't represent egypt on top of that it's of course is the sharia law and i've been to it although the initial wording is actually similar to the seventy one constitution the problem is that other articles defining sharia law even open to ultra conservative interpretation in addition to that it's a human rights watch actually. had a report today that highlighted the problems of women's rights within the constitution in addition there are articles saying things like you cannot insult an
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individual which can be widely interpreted and misused and of course one of the main issues is a minute you chance to civilians this is the practice is illegal under international law and when the subject of many campaigns by revolutionary forces and he's allowed in the constitution we expect a referendum in the next two weeks but with this continuing disturbance on the streets and more protests expected really we're not sure how we should back before anything can go ahead certainly on to create the chance that i heard you were against the constitution they were also against the president morsi power grab last week when he made this contentious constitution that duration which basically awarded him supremum powers but really people are saying they don't want this constitution they want morsi actually to leave at this point well islam is backing the president are planning to hold a massive rally of their own on saturday it comes as the opposition promises to step up protests and may also march on the presidential palace to stop him from calling a referendum on the draft lead the gear from the egyptian current party says if the
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new constitution passes a referendum it would further cement the islamist grip on power. fifa gets a popular vote that means it's more or less the constitution that we would have there's another critical mass that would allow for amendment however there is no mechanism to propose an amendment to the constitution after it passes through the referendum which means that there has to be enough change within parliament and the hands of the non islamic parties so that they can propose such a change which seems to be a question of. how the parliament of the previous parliament was consequent construed forty three percent of the muslim brotherhood and twenty seven percent of the salafist so even if there is a significant changes and you have a fifty fifty percent parliament. that still seems to be
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questionable that you would you'd have such a change. the u.s. has criticized israel for approving settlement expansion directly after the u.n. recognize palestine as a nonmember observer state washington says it's a step back for peace talks three thousand new settler homes have been given the go ahead in the west bank and east jerusalem less than twenty four hours after the u.n. vote israel has accused the palestinians of seeking for recognition not a solution through talks the palestinians in turn demand that all settlement building is stopped before negotiations resume one hundred thirty eight states voted to upgrade palestine status with nine including the us voting against i'm forty one abstaining political analyst dr franklin lamb says israel is losing america's support. what israel gars. pressure is trying to get tough it's been able to get away with militarily but increasingly it can no longer do it
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diplomatically so there's actually i think your concern is rejected everywhere even in washington time the separation between american and israeli jews are widening wives or between them and their and the rest of the world plus the gals that was obvious provocation by europe the american. who was really heavy heavy you are big remember you know your merican poor old farts up right here on in you to stand by because i didn't do what i think it's doing changing times and that's what we are we witnessing a new school remember the americans are our studio and then you have to call what would have been the do you benefit from out the international community wasn't happening without a qualm front on this issue it's going to be up to obama and the americans who decide which way they're gonna go because the international community is frankly
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are losing patience. fellow nobel peace prize laureates don't believe the e.u. deserves to stand side by side with past winners several previous recipients demand the block is stripped of the award as it values as it values don't fit with what alfred nobel had in mind that's ahead for you plus the u.s. closes the to high tech innovators from abroad despite four years previously spearheading the country's digital revolution is coming up after a short break. as his day starts at five am even earlier in the winter tending to his flock of three hundred sheep in the mountains and plains of t.v. thirty five years old it wasn't the life he dreamt of having studied accounting but he dition unfamiliar duty dictated that he would take on the care of these animals after his father. has just made camp at their winter farm stage setting up his ute
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the traditional t.v. and round tent made of diskin. his p.c. back amongst his family as his job is a lonely one and tough going out in all weathers braving extremes of plus to minus forty degrees celsius it's just that i use them there are certain difficulties there's not enough time for everything i'm almost alone my sister works with my mother my mother is seventy five she's very old and i miss mountains when i'm in town i spend a lot of time here right now probably cyril most of them are simply carrying out the work that his father did and his father before him nothing has changed over many many centuries and that's half the problem it's hard work and many people don't want to come into the industry now and it's really fit there could die out altogether. it's difficult to manage everything alone i used to have people who helped me but they were no good they didn't take care of the sheep with all their
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hearts they hurt the cattle. with more people leaving than coming to the countryside the region's government is having to act making the life of a herd and more attractive than promising largest subsidies for produce and livestock and organizing cooperatives for sale of day products to ensure the herd a get so high a fair price i sympathize with those youngsters leaving for an easier more profitable life day in their publics capital. but he no longer wishes to join them he enjoys his pastoral way of life now looking for a helper who shares his enthusiasm with more time on his hands he says matter of fact you can start to look for you wife.
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welcome back you with a you doesn't deserve it's no bar nobel peace prize that is according to several former witness who are demanding the block is stripped of the award they've written to the foundation saying the u. doesn't fit with the prizes values and the committee has lost its founders vision r.t. sarah firth expects. in that letter they said that the twenty seven nation blocks getting this award contradicts the valley's safety aided with the prize in what they once already happening is the one pointing million dollar prize money not be awarded this year and they also said that the clearly not one of the champions of peace a consensus here amongst the signatures and indeed among many many people when this award was announced this year was that really the awarding of the prize the european union not in the keeping of the spirit of the nobel peace prize the prize was awarded at a time when the e.u. is they think the biggest crisis its face since its creation we're seeing huge
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seychelle of rest and you know what a lot of people are saying is that the european union at the moment is really for a lot of people. come to represent divisions within society we've seen those divisions between the rich and the pla poor between those who employ it those who run employed you know the people that we've spoken to in these countries really feel very very let down the vision of the european union was about peace and democracy and that's certainly not what people feel that they're getting now the committee praised the for voting after the second world war and spreading stability to former communist countries promoting peace and stability within the e.u. you know it's not all bad the e.u. does provide a huge amount of aid a nation but i think what we see happening in the e.u. in the last year really has been very far from the idea of you know a peaceful union two thousand and nine we saw are awarded to see president obama many people feeling that was being awarded the peace activities he might do at some
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point in the future again very much not in keeping with the will we are to have actually got some reactions of their own to this latest piece of information about it being contested we had in any p.j. a bath and say it's highly devious was even fulfilled the rules under which the award should be given i mean really very strong reactions to this prize being awarded as we said movement a project the many people feel represents the total opposite to peace. well you can find all these stories and more on our website including supermarkets lawfully take it one italian shop could get you full time employment or details on line bus lines predicted doomsdays approaching but some russian entrepreneurs aren't losing any time cashing in on the end of the world learn more about how to survive a party called. silicon valley has long been the symbol of all things
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high tech in the united states and the rest of the world and while the majority of those who helped create the digital haven are foreign entrepreneurs america has become increasingly reluctant to welcome new talent from abroad medina. reports with the silicon valley. lots of sharing helping each other even competitors will help each other some of the biggest brands on the planet and all instantly associate it with america and surprisingly the majority were created by foreigners. jerry yang who was born in taipei surrogate britain whose parents came from russia when he was six or pierre omidyar and iranian born in paris silicon valley has thrived thanks largely to him across people who came here with their dreams and had the drive to make them a reality they transformed this plays into an unreliable for high tech development the birthplace of global pioneers one person who helps those outsiders to get
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a foot in the door is german born and how it could blend struck she says the valley moves so fast that it seems skilled foreigners springing up left right and center that she average day and there is a simple reason such success is coming their way so many of the of the indians and chinese that come in the others they make these great companies and then they hire people so they are really giving work and i think they're hungry for the words they want to succeed they're driven the valley's biggest rice came with the boom of immigrants in the ninety's that brought innovations in software and internet services the numbers speak for themselves just over half of the companies found it in silicon valley from the mid ninety's to the mid two thousand had founders born abroad believe this research says the reason to one forum born inventor behind three quarters off after a new page and and like for many others getting impatient for a start up is what brought julia to palo alto her project to school smart wall and
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works is a messaging tool for those who want to void social networks most of the people that are that i see are foreigners and also there are a lot of americans that are not from here so they're also coming it's it's not a matter of nationality here is a matter of the real skills that you have but there are some clouds on the california sky currently over half of foreign born inventiveness face visa hurdles at the end. knowing economic recession has broad deep fears at home and about much needed jobs going into hands that have come from abroad makes me a hard for many to understand that foreigners can actually bring benefits to times when america so desperately needs them but i think that's something that white america doesn't get they did understand why. because they don't because i think that
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a lot of the fears are still oh they're taking our jobs away america prides itself on being a melting pot of a country where thousands flocked for a better life but u.s. immigration policy may put an end to all that i do not question artsy. let's take a look at some other stories making the headlines and i warn you we are about to show images that contain very graphic content syrian rebels have reportedly uploaded a video showing them executing ten men prisoners acing pleading for their lives before being shot one of the gunmen is heard referencing the al qaeda linked group responsible for several suicide attacks in the country pro-government forces have meanwhile been fighting near damascus airport which disrupted flights while a large scale internet and telecommunications blackout in the country is now into its the day the man nato has opened a military base in neighboring turkey in the western province of izmir the command center will replace two weather headquarters in germany in spain as the alliance
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trims cos the organization is also evaluating turkey's request to deploy a patriot missile system along the border with syria ankara claims the movie is for defensive purposes only many see it as the first step towards creating a no fly zone. tension is mounting in slovenia ahead of sunday's runoff presidential election as protesters clashed with authorities after trying to storm the country's parliament demonstrators threw rocks and fire crackers that police who responded with tear gas and water cannon thousands also gathered earlier the cues in the prime minister and his cabinet of fraud and corruption and demanding their resignations the country is facing one of the worst recessions of the seventeen nations in the euro. a pretrial hearing has been shown a new set made from bed sheets which us with which u.s. soldier bradley manning intended to hang himself the alleged whistleblower is charged with passing thousands of classified u.s.
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documents to wiki leaks speaking publicly for the first time since his arrest two years ago he told the court that his detention conditions had made him feel like a doomed caged animal unprovoked suicidal thoughts his lawyers claim which. is should be dropped because of his jail or deal. well manning's notoriety was caused by cable gate two years ago when wiki wiki leaks released a number of american diplomatic documents on the anniversary of the project r.t. story half an east has taken to the streets of new york to see if there's public support for the disclosure of top government secrets. it's been two years since wiki leaks released with now known as cable gates the world's largest leak of classified u.s. material so has it changed the world much this week let's talk about that i'm kind of a thought what i don't know doesn't hurt me so if your government is killing innocent
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people you're ok with that i'm not saying i'm ok with that but. i know i'm contradicting myself but i obviously don't want my government to kill innocent people but in the same boat. how do i know they're innocent if you run a government and you live or you run a business this is a a business and everyone from your employees to the person who's the janitor know everything about your business something's going to come back and haunt you maybe you shouldn't do anything that would hurt you. you have a good point knowledge is power right so we found out some information so that's a positive thing but i don't know if it's changed anything you don't think it's changed the way the government might act. i think if they broke through some sort of firewall to get this information they probably built a new firewall that they can't break through quite as easily i don't think i it's changed anything i think the government is going to make it more of a secret you know as long as there's money power involved i don't think anything's
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going to change but information has since the printing of good will berg in the fourteenth century. the public is allowed to have information what about the government are they allowed to have information about us certainly yes so what about the people who protest that the government is using the internet to spy on us . well i want to spy on each other just look at today just to minutes ago syria just closing the internet so is that a government the i think of the government especially the what america is the world is ultimately going to be about it whether or not we feel like wiki leaks has changed the world the bottom line is governments might now feel like they have their own big brother watching and hopefully that's a good thing. coming up in a couple of minutes how good an off seems in on remand photographer timothy allen in spot.
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well welcome to the spotlight. i'll bring all my guests on the program is timothy powell. back in the seventies and eighties travel photography was in its gold a photographer's work hard the world's future masterpieces and paid back. and hunting for that new national geographic. but now every scorecard has a camera why did few professional preserve those old fashioned travel photography.
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one of those who belong to that the rare breed is in my studio today mr timothy best known for his work with the b.b.c. human planet documentary. photographer timothy allan felt the need for change he sold his house in london and weighed his newspaper job just sat off her around the world and visited some of the most remote places on the planet photography the world's most common species homo sapiens man team has climbed trees with honey pickers in the jungle sailed with sea gypsies and crossed raging rivers with brave fisherman. his work was so impressive the b.b.c. hired him to shoot one of their most impressive projects human planet.
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hello timothy and welcome to the show thank you very much for being with us and i wanted to start with we just heard your biography that you studied zoology so how how did you how did you what did you quit the science and that traveling around the world with a camera. well i i'll be honest i studied theology university because i'm an animal lover. i didn't become a photographer until i was in my late twenty's yeah around about twenty seven which is when i first started taking photos. i was originally i suppose a traveler more i never took a job in this era logical field at all it was just a means to an end and in fact as part of my course. when i studied zoology i did my third you decide taishan in small island well in ireland in indonesia according to lawyer and i was sent there for three months to study dragonflies when in fact when we arrived.


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